Preretirement Accumulation

There are a few basic strategies for preretirement accumulation of wealth. Experts disagree on the exact order of a few items (pay off college loans first or start saving immediately, pay off credit card bills all at once or over time) but most all believe a few basic principles executed well may help create a successful retirement for you or anyone else following the formula.

Assuming you are starting your own wealth pile and not inheriting from someone else, start here:

Spend less than you make.

Open a retirement account either through work if they have a matching program or on your own through us or a Vanguard, TRowe Price, etc.

Put the maximum amount allowable per year into that account or if you won’t make that shoot for at least 10% of your pretax pay. Call us when you do this and we will celebrate with you.

Don’t stop contributing.

If you’ve maxed out yearly contribution call us. It’s time to become a client.

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Keep Moving Forward

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