Investing for Others

For My Children

children2 Investing for Others
There are a few essential investment vehicles for children. There are two categories, those created to assist children with educational expenses and those that are not. Email or call us today to discuss which option makes the most sense for you.

Educational Expense Investment Vehicles

  • 529 Plan
  • Coverdell Education Account

Pros: Tax savings, parental control, higher contribution limits, financial aid treatment

Cons: Must be used for educational expenses or you pay a 10% penalty. Can only be set up with one adult and one minor name on account

Flexible Investment Vehicles for a Minor

  • Uniform Gift to Minors Account (UGMA)
  • Uniform Transfer to Minors (UTMA)

Pros: No limitations on how money is used, can use the Gift tax exemption for first $14,000 of funding on an annual basis

Cons: no tax advantage

For My Spouse

Discuss your financial plan with your spouse and effectively communicate about your goals. Create a shared vision of your future. We ideally meet with clients and their spouse together so everyone is on the same page.

Some topics we educate our couples on include:

  • Most retirement vehicles and insurance policies have a listed beneficiary. The policy will go to whoever is listed as the beneficiary, despite whether you are divorced or think someone else would be better served to receive it. Check your beneficiary status on all your retirement and life insurance accounts.
  • There are retirement benefits for a non-working spouse under social security.


spouse2 Investing for Others
You can utilize your life insurance, disability, retirement savings, social security, and your home to create a retirement paycheck for both of you. Email us to get started.

Charitable Giving

charitablegiving2 Investing for Others

Money is really only a tool for doing what we first need, then want, then to fulfill our inner well-being. It’s a tool we use on the pathway to happiness, not an end goal for fulfillment.

Giving to charity feels good. Work with us to maximize those contributions by minimizing tax consequences.