Estate Planning

writing Estate Planning
Who is estate planning for?
You own something of value and it will pass to someone else upon your death.
Do I need an estate plan?
You already have one. The state created it for you already. If you don’t want to use theirs then you will need to get an attorney to iron one out for yourself.
How can a wealth manager help me if I need to get my own estate attorney?

The attorney’s concern is to provide legal advice while creating the estate plan. However that might not always be your top consideration.


You may:

  • have a financially dependent disabled child
  • have a child in a bad marriage and you’re worried about leaving money to both them and the spouse
  • be leaving money to a child who is financially immature

Some estate strategies that only a wealth manager and not an attorney can provide include:

  • We can help keep track of how much you have gifted to family members or individuals for you so you do not go over the $14,000 per person limit and incur taxes on these gifts. We can also inform you of the potential tax implications of pulling money from a qualified or non-qualified account.
  • Life insurance can be used to pay estate tax. You would need to purchase this insurance through a wealth manager as part of your estate planning. This way when the estate owner passes whoever is to inherit the estate can use the life insurance proceeds to pay the necessary tax.


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